Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More waiting

I had an Hysteroscopy yesterday and long story short, we need to wait longer to begin IVF. And so I wait. I'm refusing to let this get me down however.

I am going to use this time to have fun, fun, fun. Oh yeah, and to focus on my other obsession right now... losing weight. I've joined weight watchers and I'm down 7 lbs so far... with a long way to go. However, I'm feeling good about this, albeit starving.

Hub and I have vacation planned for the first two weeks of August. I CAN'T WAIT. It seems as if we never see each other and I'm just so happy to get to spend a week together, let alone 2. For example, Hub has been home for a total of 3 days in the last 3 weeks. I hope it is worth it and someday his company presents us with some sort of payday. Ah, a girl can dream. In the meantime, we chug through life living for the weekends. I hate that.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Chapter...

I met with our RE today and discussed the options for moving on. The one and only time I'm psyched to see my period... she showed... today. Now that she has showed, we can move on to our next option. Since we did get prego via IUI, she gave us the option, however, both Hubby and I are ready for IVF.

So, the hysteroscopy and the testing begin. I'm actually uplifted and excited to try this. I'm going to really try and maintain a positive attitude during this cycle. I've joined weight watchers at work, and trying to be hard core. Along with the IF cycles, miscarriage and all, I've also gained an additional 11 lbs, that i didn't have to gain.

So, I'm excited about becoming the new me...
- Actively trying to loose weight and get in shape.
- IVF baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will acutally be September when we are heavy into the IVF protocol, but as far as i'm concerned, it started today.