Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Dog and 26 weeks today!!

Things are going along well (knocking on the nearest wood) with baby girl Harrison. I just can't wait to meet her. When trying to get pregnant, I remember thinking, I just can't wait to experience pregnancy... now, I just can't wait to meet her!!!

I can feel her move all the time, which is so reassuring. I also feel as if everyday she is inside of me the better I feel. I still find myself thinking the worst and I'm trying with all my being to stop that train of thought. "Ok, 26 weeks and I've reached viability, she could survive"... Do you think infertiles ever stop thinking this way?

I read a blog from musicmakermomma (who I am keeping my fingers crossed for) and I was really proud of her. She is facing questionable numbers, but is allowing herself to think positively and relishing in her pregnant status. I think this is wonderful, albeit really hard to do. I am channeling positive thoughts for her.

If you read previous posts, you will see my little furbaby Oscar, who is a Portuguese water dog. So, all the press and pictures about the first dog Bo, have got my heart pounding. I love these little guys and would love to have another puppy. But, I am not crazy. These dogs are all consuming when they are young. They are not your docile, lay down in your lap creatures... they are a true companion. I call Oscar "the inspector". If I am looking for a shoe under the couch, he sticks his face right where my hand is to see what I'm looking for. If I reach into a cabinet and pull something out, he wants to sniff it and check it out.

I wonder how he will be with baby, as he is the baby now. I call him my babydog... and he always will be even though he's turning 8 on April 18th. (gulp). He is so trustworthy with kids, but I've only seen him with babies a few times. I've watched him drop his ball into the infant carrier, or lick excess milk off the babies face. Um yeah, the Mommies were none too pleased about that one.

Anyone have experience with dogs and kids?